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Know your faculty who will train you to get through every stage of USMLE, their guidance have made the road easy for many, now its your turn…

Yachil Baldera

Yachil Baldera is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and is fluent in Spanish. During her career with Kaplan Test Prep, she has guided countless students in identifying the preparation that best suits their needs and targets their goal scores. She is committed to supporting students on their Pathway to Medical Residency, from identifying strengths and deficiencies to building confidence.
What med students ask her most often:
“How long should I study for?”
“What score should I aim for?”
Yachil’s advice: “My formula for student success is passion combined with steady effort. I believe in creating a plan and sticking to it.”

Dr. Mee Mee Tun Yin

Dr. Mee Mee Tun Yin has been a Medical Advisor for Kaplan since 2013, working in Philadelphia and Miami. She is originally from Sacramento, California and attended medical school at the University of Rome ‘ La Sapienza,’ in Italy. After the graduation, she studied at the Kaplan Pasadena Center for her USMLE exams. Having truly enjoyed her time with Kaplan, she accepted a position and now asks her students to view her not only as their Medical Advisor, but also as their trusted friend-together acing the USMLE and matching into the Residency program of their dreams.
What med students ask her most often:
“Can you draw up a study plan for me that will give me a great score?” Dr. Tun Yin’s advice:
“I will draw up the best personalized study plan for you. However, if you do not focus, preview, review, re-mediate and practice Q Bank questions, even the best study plan in the world cannot be of any help to you. Please do not find any quick fixes to pass the USMLE exam. You need to get the best score that you can achieve, and in order to do that you have to give each USMLE Step the time it needs to prepare for it.”

Dr. Mary Valentine

Dr. Mary Valentine is a graduate of Kasturba Medical College, India. Having successfully completed the USMLE boards and worked briefly in Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, she understands the long and tedious journey that International Medical Graduates need to go through, in order to get licensed in the US Healthcare System.
She has advised students for four years at the San Francisco Kaplan Center in achieving success and looks forward to assisting students with any questions regarding the Match process and the USMLE.
What med students ask her most often:
“How long does it take to study for Step 1 and Step 2?”
“I graduated five years ago. What are my chances of matching into a Residency program?”
“I am an F1 student. Should I apply to programs in California?”
Dr. Valentine’s advice:
“Remediate, Remediate and Remediate: Identify errors, rectify and move up percentage points each day!”
“The Board Exam is a battlefield. Think like the test writer, and crack the code!”

Masood Sadaat

Dr. S. Masood Sadaat, a Fulbright Scholar, completed his medical school and clinical training in France, Afghanistan, and India. He worked as an internal medicine physician in Kabul prior to earning his master’s degree in Health Policy and Healthcare Management from Brandeis University, Massachusetts. He believes that assisting medical graduates to pursue quality residency training can ensure access, delivery, and quality of healthcare services to the people. He is passionate about medical education and enjoys being with students, so do not hesitate to set up a meeting with him in person or online!
What med students ask him most often:
“I want to score 250. How should I prepare?”
“How can I get into a residency in the US?”
“I have gone through all the material. Am I ready?”
Dr. Masood’s advice:
“To excel on USMLEs, you need commitment, effective resources, comprehensive study plans, and smart studying skills.”
“Successful routine and persistence ensure success.”

Arlene Richards

Dr. Arlene Richards was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada where she completed an Honors Undergraduate Degree in Biomedical Sciences at Laurentian University. Her love of languages and her passion for health care led to an International Medical School in Montemorelos Mexico. Not only did she benefit from diverse, hands-on medical and surgical training that lead her to the management of a medical clinic in rural Mexico, but she also became immersed in the Latin culture and fluent in the Spanish language.
What med students ask her most often:
“Is it possible for me to get through these USMLE exams?”
“It’s been a long time since I’ve graduated from medical school, can I still match into a residency program?”
Arlene’s advice:
“All things are possible with hard work, faith and determination. It is important that you don’t quit for ‘what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow!”

Mark Ratliff

Mark Ratliff is a graduate of Ohio State University and has spent the past eight years instructing and advising international students and doctors. As a Kaplan test-taking expert, Mark uses personalized study techniques and his extensive teaching expertise to motivate his students and help them achieve their Residency goals. He believes that all students have their own plan for success and that he can help them find it! He also provides guidance regarding the Residency application process and the key ingredients to a successful Match. Mark is eager to help you get started down the pathway to Residency with Kaplan Medical!
Mark’s advice:
“In order to achieve success on these exams, you must have the determination to focus on your studies and the wisdom to know when you are ready. As your med advisor, I’ll help you with both!”

Sherry Mirhosseini

Sherry Mirhosseini is a graduate of Melli University in American Literature and is fluent in English and Persian (Farsi). Since 2005, Sherry has specialized in helping hundreds of International Medical Graduates immigrate from their home countries by assisting them in applying for F1 Student Visas and helping them study for their medical boards at Kaplan in the United States. Sherry has first hand experience with the US medical system since her daughter graduated from UC Irvine School of Medicine and became the Chief Resident of Pediatrics for Kaiser. Her many years of experience as a medical advisor and her dedication to her students has led her to develop individualized learning plans and advising tips that help students successfully pass the USMLE and get into the residency programs of their choice. Sherry is looking forward to meeting new students every day.
What med students ask her most often:
“What are my chances for getting into a residency program?”
“Have your students been matched into competitive programs like Radiology, Dermatology or Ophthalmology?”
“How do I study for the USMLE? Can I start with Step 2 first?”
Sherry’s advice:
“I tell students everyday that taking the exam is an art. I tell them they are very smart, but in this competitive environment,

Dr. Yolanda Lorio

Dr. Yolanda Lorio is a graduate of the University of Miami. After moving to New York City to pursue residency, she continues her studies with a focus on Obstetrics & Gynecology. She loves the guiding and supportive role that advising brings to the table. She is very heart-felt towards her students and tries to provide academic, along with psychological, support and understanding that the USMLE is one of the most difficult tasks one encounters in the academic world. She looks forward to helping students with the US Residency process and much more!
What med students ask her most often:
“I got a low score or failed, can I still get into a good residency program?”
“I’m 3 months away from my test, how do I study now?”
Dr. Lorio’s advice: Once you stop learning, you start dying, so never stop.”
“Don’t love studying, hate studying, like learning, learning is beautiful” – Natalie Portman
“Self-discipline is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets” – Daniel Goldstein

Hafeez Khan

Dr. Hafeez Khan graduated from Unibe School of Medicine in the Dominican Republic. He works with students to create customized study plans depending on their unique needs and helps them to reduce their anxiety and stress whenever they have USMLE Syndrome. He assists them with ECFMG and ERAS application processes.
What med students ask her most often:
“How difficult is it to get into Surgery/Dermatology/Plastic Surgery?”
“What are my chances to get into residency, being an older IMG?”
Hafeez’s advice:
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.- Nelson Mandela”

Rahul Joshi

Dr. Rahul Joshi was born in Jaipur, India. He graduated from Mahatma Gandhi Medical University. He has lived all over the world including India, Saudi Arabia, Libya, England, Philadelphia, Tennessee, and now Washington, DC. Rahul loves to help people succeed no matter what their challenges are. Having successfully navigated the USMLE steps he can give first-hand knowledge of the time and commitment required to navigate the exams. Rahul loves working with students from all types of backgrounds and understands that each student is a unique case that should be treated as such. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering, drawing/painting, playing soccer, and traveling.
What med students ask her most often:
“When will I know I am ready to take the exam?”
“What are my chances of matching?”
“What is the best program for me, financially and time-wise?”
Rahul’s advice:“Have a goal. For your life, for your year, your month, and down to your day. To achieve something you have to have something to work towards.”

Dr. Tenzin Jamyang

Dr. Tenzin Jamyang is a graduate of University of Delhi, India. He is our Senior Medical Advisor and has a passion for helping students, acclimating them with the tedious USMLE journey, preparing study plans, ECFMG registration, ERAS application process and guiding them through the interview process to achieve their goals in attaining the Residency of their choice. He has seven years of experience working with medical students and graduates from all countries. He is your one stop shop for your USMLE journey.
What med students ask him most often:
“How long will I need to prepare for my Step 1?”
“Is it true that IMGs will not get into residency after 2015?”
Dr. Jamyang’s advice:“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. –Abraham Lincoln”

Dr. Ibrahem

Z. Ibrahem, M.D., M.B.A., is a USMLE Step 1, 2, and 3 Instructor for Kaplan Medical with several years of experience across the globe. Originally from the New England region of the United States, she completed her Medical Degree from Windsor School of Medicine with a dual Masters Degree in Business Administration from Davenport University. Dr. Ibrahem is very passionate about teaching and has worked as an advisor for Graduate Medical Education, helping several students reach their professional goals. She is working towards being a part of Doctors without Borders. She is an avid outdoors sports athlete in addition to an art lover. She has published her book Raw Poetry in August 2014.
What med students ask her most often:
“What is the best studying strategy?”
“What can I do to improve myself as a potential resident candidate?”
Dr. Ibrahem’s advice:
“It doesn’t matter where you come from, but where you end up and that is your choice.”

Dr. Yamil Flores

Dr. Yamil Flores was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He was admitted into the Program in Liberal Medical Education at Brown University, where he received his medical degree. Dr. Flores has an interest in psychiatry and has worked with children and adolescents at Bradley Hospital in Rhode Island. He has a long history of advising students, going back to his undergraduate and medical school years where he was a mentor for students of diverse ethnic backgrounds. He currently interviews prospective students applying to Brown University. Yamil knows first-hand what it is like to study and prepare for the USMLE Step exams and understands the sacrifices many students have to make in order to achieve their target scores. He is eager to work with his students and guide them on their own road to success!
In his spare time, Yamil enjoys sports, music and spending time with his wife and daughter. He is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.
Dr. Flores’ advice: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” – Mark Twain “Take a day off each week and have fun! Don’t forget to eat, sleep and exercise… it will help your scores!”

Dr. Ravindranath Draksharam

Dr. Ravi Draksharam is from India and is a graduate from the University of Houston. He received his medical degree in the West Indies. He has been a medical advisor at the Houston Kaplan Center for more than eight years and has a true passion for advising students on the path to Residency. He is on the Board of Director’s of the American Board of Surgical Assistants. He is fluent in multiple languages. Ravi is ready to meet with you and assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have in regards to the USMLE and Residency.
What med students ask him most often:
“How many hours should I study per day?”
“How do they calculate the USMLE scores?”
“Do I have a chance to get Residency?”
Dr. Draksharam’s advice: “Study SMART, not HARD to do well on the USMLE exams.”

Mary Diedrich

Mary Diedrich is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. She has spent the last ten years advising students and is committed to helping them achieve the highest scores possible on their USMLE exams. As a Kaplan Medical Center Advisor, as well as a National Medical Advisor, Mary has advised US and International Medical Graduates on their paths to Residency.
What med students ask her most often:
“There is so much material to cover. Can you help me stay organized and on track to test well?”
“How do I know when I’m exam-ready?”
“It is hard for me to concentrate when I study. What are the best ways to stay focused?”
“How can I overcome test-anxiety?”
Mary’s advice:
“Break down seemingly insurmountable tasks into many mini-tasks. This helps to show you’ve accomplished something, and the task is done. It also helps to encourage you to start the next one. A task that is attainable is always easier to start than one that appears too difficult at the onset.”

Agnes Carrara

Agnes Carrara has over 20 years experience advising students and is fluent in both English and French. She has worked with student doctors who are pursuing medical careers in the United States, as well as Canada, and has extensive knowledge in the Match and Residency processes for both countries. Agnes is passionate about her students and truly enjoys helping them achieve their goals. She believes in hard work and dedication in order to be successful, and she is ready to help you to get there.
What med students ask her most often:
“What kind of courses do you offer for the Medical Licensing Exam?”
“When should I start studying for the USMLE exams?”
Agnes’ advice: “The 4 P’s: Planning, Preparation, Practice and Patience will lead you to your best score.”

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