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Clinical Rotations


Logiquest is thrilled to declare its collaboration with AMOpportunitites. In this joint venture, Logiquest aims to provide students and alumni with access to over 350 clinical rotations in the United States. This opportunity allows students to engage in clinical training in the U.S., prepare for U.S. residency, and gain exposure to a diverse healthcare system, ultimately bringing valuable perspectives back to patients in India.

ABOUT AMOpportunities

AMOpportunities (AMO) specializes in connecting medical students, graduates, and professionals with invaluable U.S. clinical experiences. With our platform, individuals gain access to over 200+ clinical sites spanning across more than 70 medical specialties and subspecialties. In addition to facilitating these experiences, AMO offers comprehensive support services, including assistance with visas and housing. To date, we have successfully accommodated over 3,000 international medical students and graduates throughout the United States. Our mission goes beyond mere placement; we are reshaping the landscape of healthcare education by dismantling barriers, both physical and traditional, in clinical education.


Clinical rotations constitute a pivotal component of medical education, offering invaluable hands-on experience to medical students during the final two years of their training. Referred to interchangeably as clinical clerkships, experiences, training, or simply “clinicals,” these rotations provide specialized exposure to various medical disciplines such as surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, and psychiatry.While clinical rotations do not impart the level of expertise required for independent practice in a specific specialty—that comes with residency training—they play a crucial role in broadening students’ knowledge base and aiding in career decision-making. As you approach your third year of medical school, prepare to immerse yourself in the everyday realities of medical practice, laying the groundwork for your future role as a healthcare professionals.


You might be wondering why clinical rotations hold such importance in medical education. There are several compelling reasons:

Fulfill Degree Requirements:

Clinical rotations contribute towards earning credits necessary for your medical degree. These rotations, both core and elective, are essential components of the curriculum.

Acquire Hands-On Experience:

Clinical rotations serve as platforms to refine your clinical skills. Working alongside medical teams, you develop crucial tools for patient care and begin shaping your bedside manner.

Secure Residency Positions:

Clinical rotations offer opportunities to impress residency program directors and hospital staff, effectively serving as informal interviews. Building positive relationships during rotations can lead to strong letters of recommendation and insights into future career prospects.

Explore Career Paths:

Through diverse clinical rotations, you can explore various specialties and make informed decisions about your career trajectory. Engaging with different medical disciplines helps you identify areas of passion and interest.

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US Clinical Rotations encompass two primary categories: core and elective rotations, typically undertaken after completing basic science or medical curriculum.


Mandatory components of medical education, core rotations are essential for degree completion. While specific rotations may vary across medical schools,
Common core rotations include:
Family Medicine | Internal Medicine |Neurology
Obstetrics/Gynecology | Psychiatry | Pediatrics | General Surgery


Optional experiences that allow students to explore their interests and diversify their clinical exposure. While students have the freedom to select from a wide array of electives, some may also be incorporated as core medicine by individual medical schools.
Common elective rotations include:
Cardiology | Pathology | Radiology | Emergency Medicine
Ophthalmology | Infectious Disease | Orthopedics
Dermatology | Hematology & Oncology | ICU
Plastic Surgery | Allergy & Immunology | Nephrology
Pulmonology | Endocrinology |Gastroenterology
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R)


AMO offers unmatched service and support through our team of advisors and coaches. Not only do we offer assistance that will help you choose the best clinical experience, we will also help you with enrollment and orientation. AMO provides assistance with securing a visa, housing, transportation, and insurance. We’re with you every step of the way!


Applying for a clinical experience with AMO is simple and completely free! In most cases, only a current resume/CV and copy of your passport are required. The online application allows you to select your clinical experience, submit documents, and plan your rotation all from your AMO Dashboard. In most cases, applicants are notified of acceptance in as little as 48 hours. 


We offer transparency. Individuals who apply for our clinical experiences have access to all the information they need to make an informed decision. AMO Advisors are available to help with recommendations and will answer your questions, helping you confidently select the perfect rotation! Additionally, you have access to the clinical experience schedule, the mapped location(s), activities, visitor reviews, and university, residency, and hospital affiliations.


AMOpportunities regularly provides suggestions for clinical experiences to those who create an online account. These suggestions are based on an individual’s preferred specialty, location, and month they plan to reserve. New experiences with top academic physicians and institutions are updated and added regularly.


We aim to provide the international medical community with access to high-quality medical education in the United States. To be eligible, you must be a current medical, nursing, or dentistry student. We also accept recent graduates and professionals. Proof of eligibility is required in the form of a letter of good standing from your school or an applicable degree.


Your institution must determine if AMO’s clinical experiences can be used for credit. AMO will work with your school to see if it is possible to meet school requirements. If